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  • We manufacture high quality products
    for our customers

    We constantly embrace innovation to provide the best value,
    products and support to our customers.

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We understand the value of our customers with commitment to you in providing you the products and know-how to help you. ACE will provide you with all tested condensate drains and the support over 20 years of experience.
Our zero air loss condensate drain valves look forward to meeting your expectations.

Please take a moment to look at the video of the company. We are at the forefront of producing and supplying good condensate drains for compressor condensate discharge. We devote ourselves to solve the difficulties of the field through inventing new mechanisms.
This new mechanism is a new condensate drain that includes zero air loss, removal of impurities, non-electric power and low-level management.


New global standard. It does not require an external electrical connection, it is a condensate drain that is durable and has a long life. More than 30,000 applications are being sold consistently.

It has a patented condensate drain in Germany and USA. It is also resistant to oil, and a new mechanism that combines Diaphram with a ball float.


Designed and manufactured to work under adverse conditions such as contamination, aging pipes and oil leakage. If you need a heavy duty trap, this is it. Real condensate drain.

Adverse conditions (including contamination, explosion proof, obsolete pipes, oil) & High Capacity More exclusive, more powerful standard.


Optional products to provide protection against freezing and protection of foreign substances in the line.

Condensate in winter can be frozen. This can damage the condensate drain, prevent condensate from being discharged, freeze on pipes, etc., and the compressor line pressure can not be obtained, thus stopping the production line.

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