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  • Our auto trap, Acetrap is largely divided into four parts in maintenance. The most important thing in our condensate drain valve is the repairable diaphragm. The type of diaphragm is equipped with NBR and VITON according to environment. NBR is used in oil-resistant environment, and VITON is used in heat resistance and chemical resistance. For normal NBR, apply to 0℃ ~ 60℃ degree(32℉ ~ 140℉), VITON for 0℃ ~ 100℃ degree(32℉ ~ 212℉) continuous use. For details, please contact us. Every ball float is passed by 30 bar under water pressure test. The problem of ball float distortion is frozen. Please contact us. All other parts can be purchased separately from us.
  • [damaged ball float]
  • You can check the operation of the product at any time by pressing the manual test key.
  • Replacing the test key is recommended because wearing internal O-ring due to its prolonged use may cause failure.(Available separately)
  • [Stuck Mesh Filter]

There are two types of materials available : up to 60°C for NBR (oil injected) or at slightly higher temperatures for VITON (oil free).

If the diaphragm is damaged due to foreign material in the pipe, the air is continuously leaking into the discharge port. The right to use Pre-filter(strainer) as a solution to a problem.

Generally one million performance tests have been validated in clean and cold water environments.

ATTENTION: When freezing occurs in our auto trap, the Acetrap, the ball float first collapses. At this time, only the ball float can be purchased and replaced, and when the freezing further proceeds, the housing plate is broken.

To prevent this freezing, install our optional heater.

Optional heater

Acetrap with heater

ATTENTION: Connect the bottom entrance with a brass gasket supplied.

The heater is brass and is nickel-coated for good durability, corrosion, and has an automatic heating sensor built into it to maintain a constant temperature. Direct connection using threads for easy installation. Applicable to all models and easily applied in traps already installed.

Press the test key to check if the product is defective. If you press the test key and it does not respond

Remove the test key with a 14mm spanner.

Replace with a new one.

ATTENTION: Mesh filter supply clean control air, and in harsh working environments, fin dust can clog the mesh filter. In this case, the air continues to leak out to the outlet.

First, remove the M5 bolts at the top of the housing plate and engage the M5 two-touch nipples as shown. And use Y one-touch nipple to supply clean air from the balance line.

Replace M5 bolt with M5 two touch and connect transparent hose.

Connect to balance line with Y-type two-touch nipple.

ATTENTION: Remove the pressure inside the trap and then work on it.

Frequently Asked Questions --- > Air leaking into the discharge nozzle. Why?

- If the discharge part of Acetrap is damaged by diaphragm, replace it with a new diaphragm first.

Diaphragm is an moving part to discharge condensate. If the diaphragm loses its function due to a long time of operation, then replace it. Please contact our company to purchase consumables. Also, if the diaphragm can not be settled on the valve seat due to excessive scale interference, clean the valve seat of diaphragm and use it. If it is a scale problem, install and use the optionally supplied Pre-filter(strainer).
If the scale does not interfere, please contact our company if it leaks continuously.

If you still have problems with these measures (outdated piping and chronic scale issues), we recommend shut-off valve style Turbotrap if none of these traps can be addressed.

When purchasing the product, it is recommended to keep the diaphragm in stock and can be purchased separately.