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No external power supply, Turbotrap
Strong durability is ensured.
No problem with the detection of condensate containing oil.
Very good maintenance.
There is no magnet on the cylinder control.- Application for a global patent
Turbotrap is resistant to foreign material
As the ball valve is directly driven, drain the foreign substances like pipe scales and so on. (The blockage is reduced and there is no diaphragm break anymore.)
Operational status is identified at a glance.
The discharge parts is rusty with stainless body.
Suitable for large volume of condensate.
Turbotrap suitable for turbo compressor
Suitable for the intercooler on each end.
Simple and rigid mounting with dedicated brackets.
The process of condensate entry can be viewed (optional).
Suitable for long use
There is no air loss when draining.
Very good maintenance.
Turbotrap with ball valve handle
It is allowed to view the operation by directly opening the ball valve handle during operation.
As the ball valve handle moves during operation, it is natural to immediately know the operation status.
For housing, hard coating and painting is a strong anti-corrosion properties and looks good.